Halloween🎃Morning In Bolder City, Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. Although way too 🕠early and❄cold to be up and out. I managed to chase the sunrise but failed. I was detained by police🚔 as I was pulled over for doing 45 mph in a 15 mph zone over the Dam. My plea😫of being up so early to capture a sunrise🌞 landed in sympathetic ears, as I was released with a😊warning. The kind generous officer informed me I could be taken to jail🏛for being 30 mph over.😯 But I did manage to get this📷shoot in. And at last a bargain💰 brekkie🍳🍽🥩 at The Hoover Dam Lodge. But standing guard at the entrance to the Bighorn eatery was a ferocious🐏Ram. I managed to get a selfie📸and get by Ram Tough Guy unscathed. Now at almost 9 a.m. I must decide on the next adventure. Where to? Stay tuned, never know where I pop up next. -Dano

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