R.I.P. Dano

Author: Wes (Nostalgia Highway/Wes Nielsen Company). I help setup and maintain the website for Dano.

For those of you that don’t already know Daniel Patton or Dano, as we know and loved him by, passed away on Christmas Day after being struck by an out of control car at a street race in Carson, CA. You can see more info here and here. He will be missed by so many in this wonderful car community and the Huntington Beach area. Dano the “Locally World Famous” documentarian of automotive events and beautiful Huntington Beach sunsets brought so much beauty to the world. I’m going to miss his “Hey, Hey, Hey” intro to his YouTube videos and just talking with him.

He leaves behind his girlfriend Tammy LaFlamme, his brother Russ and niece Jennifer.

11 thoughts on “R.I.P. Dano”

  1. Ill miss watching Dano at work filming and chatting with the fellow’s i watched when he put them up that was me telling him shoebox , shoebox and a dozen glazed donuts with a gallon of ice cold milk that was me tyron , amen Dano Rest now !

  2. I will miss him dearly….Great Guy.. In fact, I just received my Dano Live Shirt I meant to order long ago. But I did receive it in time to wear this Saturday at Donut Derelicts.. Thank you for the opportunity to talk and know you and share all your wonderful creations of cars and car shows. May you go with Peace. Sandy

  3. I’m John Martin from Maryland, I never met Dan O in person but I have follow his videos and looked foreword to seeing them at home on U Tube , I was amazed at how he could remember all the peoples names, what a beautiful guy , I know there are a lot of broken hearts over his death as well as mine, but if you can find some joy in knowing that he would want us to Cary on and always leave a place for him in your heart, Love U Dan O rest in peace,

  4. We will miss you. You always made your friends the center of attention, we could tell this through your videos. We watched you every week. The angles will be hearing hey hey hey in heaven.

  5. Wow… this is unbelievable. I just recently (this year) started watching DanoLive videos as a way to get my Classic muscle car fix during the pandemic. I was impressed by Dano’s knowledge, wit and demeanor. He will be missed by many of fans who sought to peek into the world of Southern California car culture. The only consoling thought is, he passed away doing the thing he loved. My thoughts and prayers go out to Dano’s family and many friends.
    -Dean in Indy

  6. Sure do miss him, his videos, Sunset and seascapes pictures. I likes when he would give “Shout out” to Me when he seen a Hudson.. What a great MAN and his Lady Friend ” ???”. They two were always together! So Sorry for your Loss and all of us.

  7. I have watched him for years and this last year before he passed got a chance to speak with him over the phone and talk about the future of video shows. He was a true patriot, lover in all ways, he gave over 100% to his passion. I send my Love and Respect to Dylan, Surf City Classics, all other communities he was associated with and most of all T who was a true light of love in his life.

  8. Dano will be missed. I found him on YouTube about a year ago and could not miss each one he put out since. I’m in Texas and always hoped to go meet him one day. Prayers for his family and friends. Jim

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