R.I.P. Dano

Author: Wes (Nostalgia Highway/Wes Nielsen Company). I help setup and maintain the website for Dano.

For those of you that don’t already know Daniel Patton or Dano, as we know and loved him by, passed away on Christmas Day after being struck by an out of control car at a street race in Carson, CA. You can see more info here and here. He will be missed by so many in this wonderful car community and the Huntington Beach area. Dano the “Locally World Famous” documentarian of automotive events and beautiful Huntington Beach sunsets brought so much beauty to the world. I’m going to miss his “Hey, Hey, Hey” intro to his YouTube videos and just talking with him.

He leaves behind his girlfriend Tammy LaFlamme, his brother Russ and niece Jennifer.

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